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From: Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius

Dear Frustrated Warrior,

Are you:
tired of working your mind to the bone ?

reading courses...
Studying material...
Wasting money on tactics...
Trying new tactics...
Reading more emails...
Dreading another purchase…

Yet I give you kudos for persevering

Because you've persevered this far you've
been lucky enough to land on this page.

And on this page I am going to show you the
reality that what you have embarked on is
well worth the journey.

It's been a five year journey for me. Full of rocks, twists, turns, upside downs, and upset stomachs.

But through continued efforts I've
discovered some things.

I've discovered how a simple web site can pilot itself!

How would you like a web site that:

  • provides its own content,
  • shares this content with the world,
  • collects information from interested parties and emails them,
  • and sells your products
  • and your affiliate products
  • as well as generates advertising revenue!


This site I am talking about hasn't been built yet.

But I am not only going to show you how to build a site.


I will not just show you how to build the site.
I will build the site for you.

How long will this take to start working?

You may believe that you have the
capability to build things on your own and
maybe you do… that's why in this
opportunity I'm going to give you two fold

I'm gonna equip you with step by step
instructions on how to build an automated
Amazon adsense affiliate web site!

This web site will:

Source niche news stories from all around the web and
automatically post them to your new web site.
It will then share these stories to the world.
When interested parties return to the site to read the stories it
automatically presents them with an opportunity to stay in contact, and when they choose to,
it automatically sends them future messages.
And it does all of this in a continuous effort sell your product,
your affiliate products, which come from Amazon and other marketplaces.
And the continuing inflow of new visitors
allows you to earn an income from Adsense
strategically placed within the site as well.

What does this mean to you?

hands-free, automated, income opportunities in any and
every niche you want to go after.

You'll no longer have to spend time to
build content and promote the content that
you would fit each individual niche just to
figure out if that niche is profitable.

You now will be able to build a site that will
do all the work for you once it's setup.

But what if I took all the heavy lifting
off your shoulders as well?

I recognize that you may not be a technical
person so following these technical instructions
may be somewhat difficult.

Perhaps you're challenged at article writing
perhaps you're challenged at niche selection
perhaps you're challenged at promotions.
Perhaps you challenged at email marketing.

Or maybe you're just challenged with traffic?

What i'm doing here is alleviating you of all of these problems
because I am going to build a site for you.

All you'll do is tell me what niche you want to tackle.

And if niche selection is your challenge simply order a site

and I'll even select your niche for you.

I will install, develop, and decorate the site.
It will come fully hosted all you'll have to do at that point is
choose a domain name and change the dns settings which
I'll give you clear step by step instructions to do.
You'll be free to leave it where it is hosted in place
or use the easy duplication that will be installed to move
it anywhere on the world wide web you so choose.

Now let's recap what you get:


  1. Clear instructions on how to set up an
    automated Amazon adsense affiliate web site
    in step by step fashion.

  2. And not only instructions to the site,
    I will indeed build a site for you
    fully hosted and live on the Internet.

How much does this cost?

Now if you were to requisition a web design company to build you an automated, content producing, content promoting, lead collecting, highly traffic monetized site such as the one I'm describing here you could easily expect to pay at least $997.

But today, cutting that sum in half to $427...
still makes my skin crawl.

So cutting that into 1/4 would bring us to
only the very reasonable sum of $99.00!

Now you must admit $99.00 is a very reasonable sum
for an automated money generating machine wouldn't you say?

But today because I know how badly it feels to sit
in that tunnel of failure,
waiting to get out,
waiting to have some success,
and being truly fatigued
that you've tried something again today
with no hope,
no clarity and
no money to show for it,

I'm gonna make sure today to get you online
for only 1/4 what the real price should be
and I'll put you online for only

This site and report will only be available

for limited time so it is highly advisable

to take advantage of this opportunity now


Ras Au-t Amam MFA Indegenius

(this site build offer is only available for new customers. Current members will be able to access the report only)
(Site look and feel will be to the designers discretion. What I am offering is the functionality.)

p.s. In as little as an hour you can set yourself up for automated income!
p.p.s. $25 to have an automated worker is an unbelievable opportunity!

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