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IndieUrbanMusic has been broadcasting since 2008
and I've helped many artists, and beatmakers to promote their music careers.
We get over 2000 visitors per month just on our site alone!
Feel free to message me if you have any questions about our track record.

"Mobaloti Rookaloti
June 22 at 12:11pm
Indie UrbanMusic Woke up this morning to see our video is still getting love. ‪#‎appreciated‬

For $5 I will write 50 words or less of text about you and your music on my music video TV station online, which is IndieUrbanMusic .
The 50 words will include one link to your original content.

Post's can include your provided Soundcloud embed players,
embedded Youtube videos, images, and more
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Your post will NEVER be removed from our site, which is fully indexed by all Search Engines.
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