How to use Google Trends to study Beyonce’s influence

So this article says that Beyonce fans are actually rushing out to buy Lemonade?!
With actual retail purchases of lemonade rising, I thought it a good Idea to bring this into benefit for my marketing friends and show how you can tell if there's a market opportunity going on in lemonade.
The best place to do this type of research quickly is Google Trends

So upon arriving just type into the search box "lemonade"
Then it will give me the option to Add Term so I'll add "Lemonade (beverage)"
And finally I'll add "Beyonce Lemonade" the search term...
And lo and behold If you look at the spike in awareness of lemonade overall and the searches for lemonade the beverage you'll see a direct correlation in search interest for Beyonce's product and actual drinkable lemonade!
beyonce lemonade trends
So you're telling me that she can sell beverages too? That's influence!

But ultimately we're marketers so let's find out how to make a buck on this trend.

Head over to Amazon and search "lemonade" and you will find that there is not only Beyonce's album but also many packaged lemonade goods that I can promote as an affiliate.
Now the commissions aren't high on any of these products but the trends shows us that interest is at an all time high so you might just strike it big with volume sales!

Just Indegenius'marketing mind at work.
If you want learn how to market online you can join me here

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