Why drive yourself CRAZY trying to do web design all by yourself??

Are you an entrepreneur who sells your products or services online?
Well why are you spending all of your time trying to make a website?

The reality is that while you may be able to create one,
the research time alone
is worth more to you than my low prices!

I provide a variety of services to help you including:


beatslogo customcodeslogo nativeamericantribesx_logo tshirthelllogodanlogo bnwphoto

I can create one of these custom for just $100

Buy Now! $100


healtyfoodwebsite yogawebsitemilitarysurpluswebsitevocationalschoolwebsitereggaewebsite

Get it done today for only $250
Buy Now! $250

Now you can buy each service above individually,
BUT today as my special offer to you,
I have put together a bundle that will give you
all of the above for one low price!

My package includes:
1) Lead Capture website.
- I will design a website intended to collect contact information.
- It will have a free autoresponder integration (to reply to new contacts for you)
- It will present visitors with a free offer to stay in contact (ebook)
- It will then forward to another page that will offer something for sale as a fundraiser ( ebook)
- Finally it will deliver your product on a final page

2) Custom lead capture promotion design (ebook)
- I'll research and write a helpful report
- This product will be created to be given away free to prospects who choose to offer their email address and stay in contact with you.

3) Viral style photo video(not guaranteed to go viral)
- using photos you provide or stock photos
- we'll write a compelling commercial
- record voiceover
- edit these into an internet worthy video

4) Paid Traffic Management     
- Run traffic to your web presence to test your system

And you will have me to walk you through each and every phase of the system for the low one time price of only...

Buy Now! $199.99

Take full advantage of my generosity and get in now!


Order custom website, giveaway, video, with ads click add to cart to order!! @ $199.99

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