LB from Oakland to the stars


I knew LB was positive from te bars he put out on my song “Presidents” back in 2014.. But what I didn't know was anything else about the man. So with the opportunity to find out what makes this MC into who he is I just had to ask...

Q: Tell us about your upbringing what made you get into music??

1. I grew up in West Oakland only child. Music was always being played no matter whos house I was at. Gospel, Soul, Rap, R & B, & I sang in the church choir.

Q: Which famous musicians have you learned from??

2. I learned from 2Pac, E-40, Geto Boys, Too Short. I grew up in the era where artist had knowledge in their music.

Q: Describe your first instrument; Other instruments??

3. Never had any instruments before.

Q: How often and for how long do you practice??

4. I dont necessarily have certain times when I practice. But when I have a show, I start practicing at least a week before showtime.

Q: Are there any others in your circle; are you a label??

5. I am a label, but the only artist so far, but I have other artist that I work with like: Studio Mike, Manip, DaMackWitPurple, Bay Boy.

Q: Who is your ideal fan??

6. I dont know who my ideal fan is, but my picture of an ideal fan is someone that has every project I ever released & someone not afraid to tell me if they aren't feeling a song. No yes men/women.

Q: How do you go after promotions and how can your fans help??

7. I pass out flyers & promotional cds on the street & after shows. I also promote heavy on social media. My fans can just continue playing ny music & putting others up on my music by word of mouth.

Q: Where can we get your latest project??

8. You can get my last 2 projects on FROM A NICK 2 A BRICK & BACK ONLINE.

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