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Web Business Done For You

Using the internet in an income producing fashion is a skill and a philosophy.
Your web site should instead be a web presence
that allows you to communicate with the entire world
at the push of a button
and return prospects to you for all of your efforts.

Most problems are in the setup of your PRESENCE.
Many concentrate on the "cover all the bases" philosophy which usually means a wordpress site with 5 to 7 topics.
What this amounts to is a digital business card.
You'll have to keep handing it out over and over again.

What I create is a presence with
Your presence will allow you to:

1. present your topic to prospects
2. give in-depth information in exchange for follow up opportunity
3. Present your product for purchase
4. follow-up with each prospect

This is the presence that I'll build for you.
And with my management your site runs on autopilot.

Autopilot business is called outsourcing.
and since you're outsourcing your web presece creation to me,
I'm also going to use your monthly maintenance fee to bring targeted visitors to your site.

How? Paid advertising management is included.
I'll match your offer with the right advertising opporunity
and create the right media to bring in your desired prospects.

Take a look at what we're offering.
Our package includes:

1) Lead Capture/ hosting-free website. $650 value
- We will design a website intended to collect contact information.
- It will have a free autoresponder integration (to reply to new contacts for you)
- It will present visitors with a free offer to stay in contact (t-shirt, ebook)
- It will then forward to another page that will offer something for sale as a fundraiser (t-shirt, ebook)
- Finally it will deliver your product on a final page
- Also includes Privacy policy page
- The site will be uploaded and using a combination of free web services (, eliminating your hosting costs.
-domain name will be optional as well if you are ok with a domain from the service used (ie:

2) Custom lead capture promotion design (ebook /ringtone/ game) $450 value
- We'll research and write a helpful report
- Or create an incentive game
- Or convert your musical projet into a ringtone
- This product will be created to be given away free to prospects who choose to offer their email address and stay in contact with you.
- It will be integrated into your lead capture website either as a direct download or through the email responce you autoresponder sends.

3) Viral style photo video(not guaranteed to go viral) $250 value
- using photos you provide or stock photos
- we'll write a compelling commercial
- record voiceover
- edit these into an internet worthy video
- submit them to video sharing services to bring you customers

4) 6 original 1-color t-shirt designs $240 value
- We'll create 6 designs according to your niche
- Mock them up and incorporate designs into your squeeze page

5) Paid Traffic Management      $priceless value
- Run traffic to your web presence
- Test and upgrade media
- Monitor conversion rates

Total Value: $1687
but today get this package for the
unbelievably LOW price of 90%+ off!!!

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