PlayboySwag drops “Can’t Call It” and let’s us know why


Mystery mystery was the first thing that came to my mind when I listened to Playboyswag. Is that his name or is that just what he represents? And then when it comes to the visuals the trailer looked like a movie short and drew me in so that I had to find out what was going on. And I found out. More mystery. And I just Gotta hear this tune now! Found out it's available on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. But that's just where all have to go hear it. So I had to ask PlayboySwag himself to try and get the inside story.

Q: Please let everybody know your name. What should we call you??

A: PlayBoySwag

Q: Where are you from??

A: All over, but NY is home with a lot of Jacksonville Florida roots

Q: What type of music do you do??

A: I do hip hop but do also a more of modern duwop but more street like

Q: We had to drop in at your website which is FreSH by the way.

Who is in charge of your creative brand??

A: My manager takes care of all that, Tim Turane, stays on top of the little things so I can worry about music.

Q: What would you say your musical brand represents??

A: PlayWorldMusic reps fun and entertainment. keeping a smile on people's face while still giving the real talk

Q: How is it you decided to do music at all??

A: Honestly, i was on scholarship for basketball, but i kept feeling the urge to do music ever since i was in Florida and this one dope song. i decided music over ball.

Q: Do you have a label??

A: Yes it is PlayWorldMusic INC., and we also had a few meetings we hope can lead to something right.

Q: What do you do to promote your sound and how can your fans help out??

A: Well a lot don't know, but I wrote part of choppa down, and my songwriting i did with Montana, Nipsey, and Berg, has really promoted my sound to acceptance, now they got to accept me.

The next move is the release of my charting single "Can't Call It" and I will be performing at A3C and OVO Fest.

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