The Android Robot Will Have You Addicted

According to this article the Pepper robot can also read your emotions!
So basically you've inviting your new friend to record everything you do!
there will be no more privacy of any kind ; not data, not personal.

Don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon...
sold at a loss just to get it in your home
adding android os like it was a phone
but beware that software walking on its own
wake up tp your loved onees sleeping with the drone

it's prone 
to cause difficulty
have wiring that's faulty
and to leave you salty

using Google integration
exposing your papers
walking round your gates for 
consumer information
truly amazing

that's why I'm blowing trees observing these
devoid of humanity
but somehow having the 
support and the charity
of the whole community

but you fellow man gets nothing from the basket
but you gon buy everything you robot is asking
Facebook already got you you got to admit it
your android robot gon have you addicted

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