The homeless are better writers than you

I had a thought today in my promotional development that I'm taking things way too long way around.
In other words I need to keep my promotions simple. So I came up with the fact that memes and picture sharing is the key to my future success.
I came across an article that said hiring the homeless would be an intelligent decision for a marketer as the homeless are oftentimes if nothing else excellent copywriters. I had to agree as the ability to pull heart strings is the difference between eating or not for both marketers and homeless with signs.
Then it occurred to me that the homeless had done all the heavy lifting for me not to mention the ratchet nature of Facebook calls for something unusual every time....
And with that my next meme series was born.
I created the memes to force several unconscious commitment clicks that would ultimately lead to my landing page.
I will be tracking the results as always and I'll keep you posted.

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