The horrible thing about these robo-bees

electrostatic adhesion
sticking to your ceiling
no telling what these little robots are revealing

counter intellignce
at the behest of you masters
quick to tell you what to do and send you to disaster

it flies much faster than robot really should
sticking to your ceiling when you're up to no good.

and the bounds of good continue shrinking by day.
in come the cameras your rights shrinking away

hoping they can catch something you do or you say
then hoping to come and get you and take you away

Surveillance is blatant they no longer try to hide it
they just send in the robots wherever their uninvited.


The worst thing about these new robot flies is that they are so small that they can come in uninvited just like a house fly.

Sure maybe this first generation robot will be noticeable.
Maybe it's loud.
Maybe it flies strangely.

But the next generation will be harder to spot... then the next generation...

Then people say so long as you're not doing anything, you've nothing to worry about.
But the rules can change pretty fast, friends.
And what happened to "that's my business, not yours"?

Believe me the best thing to be working on right now is getting out of the class of the society that is prey to the machine. Get online. Start your own income producing activity.


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